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The 6 Real Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job

If you have previously attended an interview that left you with a feeling of victory but the victory never really came through, you can take solace in the fact that there are many people who have experienced the same. You probably got bewildered and couldn’t quite tell what went wrong. You need to relax because the reasons may not be clear or conventional.

We Simply Never Liked You

It isn’t strange to you perhaps, that some people just don’t seem to connect with others for reasons difficult to explain. They simply don’t like you.

You Are Not Attractive Enough

Some employers tend to favour outward looks. Try to visit some beauty parlour or a gym to keep in shape. Some careers seem to naturally favour certain looks. It is perceived that these looks add value to their activities. Restaurant attendants may get this kind of treatment more often that a back office clerk in a shop. You should note, however, that some employers place importance on outer beauty, yet there is no relationship whatsoever with the duty you are supposed to undertake.

You Are Too Attractive

This is a problem especially with women applicants. Some employers may be wary because they suspect you have the potential to steal the show or divert the attention of other workers. They view you as a distracter. This is not a desirable occurrence for an employer who aims to derive maximum input from employees. If you know you are in this category, try and tone it down so it doesn’t appear too overt. Your point of emphasis should then be what you can do for the business.

 We Hired The Directors Sister.

This can pass for many things. It could just be that a relative of a senior official in the company applied for the job with you. Take it easy. There isn’t much you can change here.

We Hired In-House

Many firms put up adverts as a PR exercise. If you are told that one of the workers was given the job, get over it and look out for the next vacancy.

We Found a Cheaper Option

Some employers seek workers who are vulnerable. This allows them to exploit them. If you lose the position because of this, you should probably be thankful. These are not the best of employers anyway.