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What Skills Should I Include On My CV?

Some highlights on the skills you should ensure they appear on you CV point to the ability to communicate effectively. You should let your prospective employer take note of your abilities. These should be linked to a previous job experience; if any .You should also demonstrate that you can be decisive. Excellent leadership is hot point you should never miss to include.

Other Important Highlights You Should Include

  • You should demonstrate ability to adhere to work ethics. Professional firms prefer professional workers.
  • Reliable and flexible
  •  A valid driver's licence  
  • Fast learner
  • Willing to learn and self-motivated          .
  • Good Working knowledge of computers
  • Team player with remarkable communication abilities

If This Does Not Work!

It is common to meet job applicants exuding confidence from an interview. If you stopped to ask some of them how the interview went, they would cheerfully tell you how it could never have been better. So, you think you did so well! Then why is it that you end up without the job anyway? These are questions that job seekers constantly grapple with. They never seem to get definitive answers. They probably never will. The answers often remain top secrets of the prospective employer and interviewer. You will hardly ever discover why your bid did not go through; even though you think you answered all the questions right. If you belong to this group of people, do not give up there is always a solution, somewhere, to your frustrations.

We Found Someone with More Experience

Although the above response to your application may sometimes be true, it is also true that it is a classic way of turning down an otherwise qualified applicant without triggering doubt. Many of such responses have nothing to do with exactly why you were not hired. The real reasons remain covered. Companies find the above excuse convenient because you cannot raise any legal issues or sue. However, if you are a job seeker, this should not stop your quest to get a job placement. You should surge forward and forget the bygones. However, it is imperative that you investigate the subtle reasons that could cost you that chance again.