Engineer Jobs
So, You Want A Job In IT?

There are many jobs unfolding every day in the IT sector. IT jobs cater for people from various other specialisations. You need to explore more information so as to decide whether IT is really for you. A brief look at the outline of some common and emerging jobs in this field may give you an idea as to what the sector looks like for job prospects.

Data Analyst

This is a specialised job that applies mathematical methods to resolve business challenges. It helps to a build a basis for growth, with concrete numerical data, and applies statistics for management decisions in a business setting.

Job Description

Although IT jobs are closely linked to system administration, the duties you may be required to perform will also depend on the level at which you join the company. There are various levels of system administration. This means that the complexity of the workload depends on your seniority in the department, and company in general. But the general job description is that you will be required to maintain the computer systems of the company.

Web Design

If you are interested in a web design job, your main duty is to design, develop and encode the website of the company. You will be required to come up with the most suitable and acceptable web image of the company.

Computer Programming and Technical Support

A technical support job is a general role. You are not dedicated to any specific issues in IT. Your job is to liaise with the specialised staff and offer advice to any of the different computer system staff. You will also be required to train other staff in IT related issues. The programmer on the other hand is expected to develop technical instruction which computers use to process information.